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Fort William Job Vacancies

2 years ago we approached the local jobcenter to ask if it would be possible to show all current vacancies within the Lochaber area. We were politely refused on the grounds that the Department of Employment were about to put all jobs online and you would be able to see all vacancies at the "click of a mouse".  Good news we thought!

Well their new site has now officially been up and running for over 18 months and they have over 300,000 vacancies listed. Just one fundamental flaw with it: You have to type in what specific type of employment you are looking for! There is no facility to bring up all current vacancies within a particular jobcenter!!!

So if you are a painter and there are no vacancies for your trade in Lochaber, but you are willing to look at other opportunities, good luck to you! (you will be online for a long time and be prepared for lots of "No Matching Search Results Found")

We suggest you continue to phone them direct: +44 (0)1397 902000. (kind of ironic, as the whole purpose of their site is to fill vacancies whilst reducing telephone and physical traffic to the jobcenters for general enquiries!)

For those of you that are feeling lucky, here's the link


Help us to help you!
Please send the ready made email to the Department Of Employment and hopefully they will make the necessary changes.

Thank you for your support. Ecossenet



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I appreciate your new site is now online, but it is impossible for me to see a list of all oportunities that are available in Fort William jobcenter. I still have to phone or go in person. (or spend the next 2 hours online trying to negotiate your site!)  I cannot even email them for a list as there is no email address! Could you please tell me if this will be addressed in the near future?

Thank you for your help.



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